Monday, May 31, 2010

Blog of the Month - True Up

So many nice blogs out there and I feel like sharing. It is time for blog of the month!

Do you like fabric? Then you will love Kim Kight's blog called True Up. It is all about fabric all the time. I see it as my higher education program for fabric and fabric design in particular. At first I got even a bit intimidated and overwhelmed by all the information. How can I ever learn all of this? The overall tone is however very positive and encouraging so don't be afraid.

Kim reviews all the most interesting new fabrics on the market but gives also attention to new upcoming designers. She is just so unbelievably generous! Every now and then she has designer interviews that I love to read. In her Textile Stew she gives the best links to what is going on in the blogging world. On Sundays you can check who is having fabric sales, international shops included. I love her international approach. There is no borders when it comes to love and fabric!

If you are looking for a fun but informative blog about fabrcis you need to look no further.

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