Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby sleep sack and unfinished projects

I would love to give an update on these projects but nope, nothing to tell. No progress what so ever.  But I did make this: 
The pattern is from Handmade Beginnings and the fabrics on the patchwork are almost the same as in the book, only a different colourway. The only thing I improvised was the fabric of the body that is jersey and not flannel like in the book. I was little bit nervous about sewing jersey and voile together but it worked out fine. I used small zigzag stitch. The only thing I regret is using dark fabric under the patchwork, it makes the colours of the voile a bit dull. I should have used white fabric for more vibrant result. I also cut the patchwork upside down but decided not to be upset about that:)  

I have been thinking why did I finished this project and not the other two? 
Some things specific to this project:
  • it is for a baby and they grow fast! If not finished in time the small baby (who should be born any days now!) would never get a change to wear it
  • it was a gift
More of a general nature
  • since I was following a pattern I knew what I would get in the end. When I'm designing something myself I often have a vague idea that I don't think through before I start. I'm now thinking that is a mistake. 

By nature I want to create my own things but I have noticed that projects like this are essential to keep me going. I learn a lot and it gives me so much joy to see that I actually managed to do it! 


Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

Mari, I am thinking of making the same pretty sleepsack for a friend's baby-to-be. Thanks for your thoughts on this project. I find following a pattern has it's ups and downs too. It sure is nice to know what to do next, but for me there's never the same sense of achievement as when I make my own way. No matter what, it's all good though!

Aimee Cotton Bogush said...

Oooo, the sleep sack is beautiful! Lovely, really.

Taking a break from your creative endeavors can be part of the overall process. If you return to them it may be with renewed enthusiasm, ideas, and energy. ~Be gentle with yourself~

Hope you have a great day!