Friday, September 10, 2010

Garden update

My very first homegrown fig! In the Netherlands! Figs don't grow on trees around here, except now they do:) And some more coming although I'm a bit worried it will get too cold for them to ripen. 


My sweet little three-year-old girl asked for a cup on her way out and came back with this:
Yellow raspberries and blackberries
Last but not least, the sunflower has finally opened 
So much joy from our little garden! 


Inka said...

WOW! All of those look soooo yunmmy!! THE fig is just something :))

We have blackberries too, but don´t know if they will have time to ripen. And I killed my yellow raspberry :( I´m hoping to plant a new one to a better soil.

Enjoy your berries (and fruit!)(and the sunflower!!)

Kathleen aka Refashionology said...

Hi Mari, I had to come and check out your blog! The yellow raspberries and blackberries look so beautiful and yummy! What a wonderful time of year. Enjoy!