Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Boy!

For the last couple of months the blog has been a bit quiet and after 20+ weeks to the pregnancy I finally feel confident to share the reason. If everything goes well I will give a birth to a baby boy in July! He will be our third child and most probably the last one (sniff!). This is the first time we asked about the sex of the baby during the ultra sound and I'm glad we did. I grew up with two sisters so having a family with more boys than girls feels quite funny - 2 girls and 3 boys adults included.

For the third time I was taken by surprise how much energy pregnancy costs, at least for me. It feels so ungrateful to say but I'm not good at being pregnant. I'm having hard time accepting that I can't do everything I want, that I need more sleep and have to take things more slowly. Also the hormonal roller-coaster during the first three months seems to send me right back to the puberty and makes me very moody. I really try to be mindful about it, but it is still hard.

I'm sharing this because the first time I got pregnant I had no idea that pregnancy could be like that. I thought I would just be happy all the time and dress up in a beautiful pregnancy clothes and have all the energy in the world. Instead I was nauseous and so worried that something would happened to the baby. I was not enjoying it and on top of that feeling very guilty about it. It would have been so great at the time to read somewhere that it happens and it is fine.

I'm very much looking forward to the summer and the little baby. My almost four-year-old daughter is so exited about it and I just love that. We already bought some baby clothes together with her, she so sweet! I'm not sure how much my two-year-old son understands about the whole thing, but he likes to talk to the belly making funny questions like "baby, are you peeing?". My silly guy!


noeks said...

Oh, wat een leuk nieuws, van harte!

Rachel Hauser said...

Congrats, Mari! That's wonderful news. I love that silly question ;)

IngridNation said...

Oh, how wonderful for you - congratulations, Mari!