Wednesday, March 7, 2012

XO Kaffet Fassett Table Runner

Tabler runner
I finished the table runner last Wednesday. For a moment I considered making it double sided, but that seemed like too much trouble.
Free motion quilting

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to practice free motion quilting. I decided to make curvy lines and I was very suprised how smoothly everything went. Not perfect, but pretty good for the first timer and I'm so glad that my machine can handle it so well! Sewing the binding was as frustrating as always. I was thinking the next time instead trying to rush through it I should make it a mindfulness practice.

Blue rocks :)
My three -year-old found this rock outside our house and wanted to paint it blue. I love it and see how it matches the table runner!
Drawing stones
Since I decided to get serious about my drawing practice I have tried to figure out clever practices to make it part of my day. Having my sketchbook and pen on the bar that separates the kitchen from the living room has worked quite well. In general I want the bar to be neat and tidy to have at least one place at home that is not cluttered, but I make an exception for the sketchbook. 


The Muse of The Day said...

Hi Mari, I was happy to hear that you enjoyed the last post with the bread and olive oil. After taking the children to school, this morning, I took some time for myself with a cup of coffee and read your blog. First off the runner turned out great and fits your bar area perfectly, funny how something that was never there before looks like it belonged in that space all along. As far as your sons blue rock - I say you start a collection ... and place them in different parts of the house. Who knows, perhaps as he becomes older, his collection might truly take a turn for the artistic - especially if he has grown up around your artistic talents. Which brings me to my third point- you and your drawings. I think you should draw MORE and as big as you can find paper. You should have seen me twisting the image, from earlier post, of the watercolor faces you did. I imagine an entire run, several meters in length of several of those drawings. I even imagine it as a quilt. There is a book on transparency quilts, mostly geometric designs, but wouldn't it be sooo cool to see your drawings done in that transparency technique. I am going to try and find the link - I do realize,though, if you were to attempt that project it would take an enormous amount of time- something more than a bit difficult to accomplish with little ones to tend to. I think, though that you have the natural talent to pull it off. When I find the link to the book I will send it to you. Carolina

The Muse of The Day said...

For some reason your blog won't let me paste the link. Any how - if you want to see what I am talking about just google "transparency quilts" and go to images. There you will find plenty of examples of what I am talking about, plus they a have a photo of the book cover. If you ever do decide to attempt this, even if it is a small, tiny sample, let me know. Carolina

Mari said...

Wow, I did google the transparency quilts and a whole new set of possibilities opened up, thank you so much.

Minnado said...

Lovely table runner - it looks so bright and cheerful. I am rubbish at sewing straight lines so could never make one like that! I like your sketchbook idea of having it to hand. I too want to start drawing again, i may copy you and keep sketchbook out but i will have to hide it from my children as they will draw in it. One idea I had was to keep a sketchbookin the car for when I wait outside school at the end of the day! I aminterested to hear how you progress with your sketching.
I like the blue stone too - collecting sticks and stones is a big deal in my house.