Thursday, November 1, 2012

This and That

Even though it still feels that I have not got anything done this autumn, there is some small progress. I almost done with a scarf for my son. It is the most basic thing that you can knit, just straight knit stitch. I have some more advanced projects in making but it has been hard to find time to work on those because I need to think when knitting unlike with this scarf. Also on both of my other projects I have made some mistakes and really dislike the idea that I have to unravel and correct them. I have a long history of not finishing knitting projects...
There it is in my little do-to-box
I have also been working on a Alabama Chanin skirt. It has been a very interesting process and I'm just so fascinated by Natalie's work. It is so simple but due to the level of detail also kind of complex. In her books she describes every single tool they use and it really does matter. For example I did not have the right kind of thread and now I finally found something similar that she uses and it really makes a difference. She does sell all materials and tools on her website which I think really is great concept. On it best the process has been almost a meditative experience and at its worst very frustrating, but the frustration usually kicks in when I try to rush things.


I also want to introduce you lazy gardeners two best friends, Jerusalem artichoke and mangold. The first one was gifted to me at the beginning of the summer. You can just pull them out at the beginning of the growing season and plant somewhere else. I had put them in a bucket of water, forget about them for a whole week, and finally in a hurry planted them in the corner of my kitchen garden. I was sure they will die, but no, they survived, had beautiful yellow flowers and produced enough for a big pan of soup! The mangold is a old favourite of mine, you just plant it and you can cut from it the whole summer (I just learned from wikipedia that when the tempature hits 85 F / 30 C the season is over. Lucky me, it didn't get even close to that here this summer).


Anonymous said...

Hi Mari, I am trying to comment as "anonymous" since it will NOT let me post with my blog URL. I noticed that my long comment on the yellow roses post also never worked. I hope posting under anonymous works because this is very frustrating. Let me try.

Anonymous said...

Of course THAT works!
Lets see, what had I written? Ah yes - the yarn. I have been organizing my studio because I just got back from the Rhinebeck NY wool festival. It was a two day drive and on the way I picked up (& met for the first time) Alicia, one of the bloggers that comments on my blog.

Minnado said...

I like the knitting,and I am reallu intrigued to see your Alabama Chanin sewing. I saw a jacket of hers in an eco exhibition a year or two ago. Her work is fascinating to me xx