Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Quilter's Block

Lately I have been suffering a serious case of quilter's block - or maybe lack of blocks in this case? I bought these super pretty fabrics some time ago and have just been looking at them too scare to cut. Do you ever get that? I have tried to look for inspiration but I'm just getting intimidated by all the perfectness in the quilting world.


To get my self started again I signed up for Rachel's Penny Sampler online class. I have promised myself that I don't have to make the whole quilt. My goal is to learn new things and made blocks to be used later. But who knows, maybe I will end up doing the quilt after all.

.......I started writing this blog post already a week ago and can now report that it worked - I'm back to sewing and finished the first project although I did not made a pillow out of it. Or maybe we could call it a flat pillow. Or oversized potholder perhaps? The Dogwood petal shape is not quite my favourite so I decided to just practise with this project and use thrifted fabric that has been lying around for quite some time.


I do think that the fabrics go well together and it looks kind of nice...and hideous at the same time. That is always my reaction to beige and I really should keep away from it.  The sketch stitch that I used to applique is not really the right choice for this one, but since I wanted to practice it I gave it go. I kind of rushed through and I know that it shows (like the petals are not really correctly aligned) but at least I'm back in business!


Laura C @ littleandlots said...

It looks nice for a practice project! Maybe make it on into a pillow and donate it somewhere?

I just used scraps too (well, and one treasured piece of that new Waterfront Park birds print) and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the result. I may do one more!

I agree that it is often hard for me to make the first cut, especially in much-beloved fabrics. It helps me to remember that I can love my fabrics more when they are quilts. Those sunny yellows you chose are so pretty!

Minnado said...

I am glad you broke your block. The fabrics you collected in the first picture look great. I am far too intimidated by quilting perfection :) xx PS: Hope you have all had a good summer

Carolina Ellis said...

Do me a favor, Mari. Take this practice block, that you stitched up so nicely, and dunk the whole thing in red dye. When it is done, dry and ironed, look at it again. I think, if the block was mine, that is what I would do for I feel the same as you about the beige. Let me know (shoot me a quick email) if you try this. I want to see the result.