Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Spring! Cake! These cupcakes where delicious. Who would have thought that plain-vanilla can be this good!
I got the recipe from here and she got it from here. The recipe is for a cake, to make cupcakes I just reduced the baking time and increased the temperature a little bit. I used real vanilla and you really do notice the difference. Like eating cake and vanilla ice-cream all in one! To get the real idea of the taste and the texture I recommend you visit the first link and you will know why I just had to made these.

The little flower-girl I made a year ago from a DIY kit from Hompeltje en Pompeltje. I would love to have a real season table with all the figures. When I'm fifty I think I will be finished with the spring and can go on with the summer...I'm working on a second doll, I will introduce him to you when the time is ready. Could be this spring, could be the next one.

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