Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blog of the Month - kirin notebook

So many nice blogs out there and I feel like sharing. It is time for blog of the month!

I love love Lara's designs. She is a fabric designer co-owner of Ink & Spindle, a screen printing studio in Melbourne Australia. The fact that she lives in Australia makes me sometimes feel like she would live in another planet talking about autumn in the spring and having pictures of native flowers that I have never seen before. Her style on the other hand reminds me of Finland, where I'm from. For me it is a funny combination of familiar and strange at the same time. Most of all it is a great inspiration source and reminder where following your dreams can take you. 

Oh I wish they would invent the Start Trek Transporter already so that I could just stop by for a coffee on one of those open days they have. If I ever will visit Melbourne I hope I can pay a visit. 
ps. did I just mention Stark Trek in my blog???

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töölöläisrouva said...

Sullakin on blogi! Tosi hienoja juttuja sä osaat tehdä; vauvaviltti varsinkin oli kaunis! :)

Olisi tosi kiva nähdä, kun tulette. Kerrohan päivät, niin laitan kalenteriin, kun tullaan matkalta takaisin. Kivaa kesää teille kaikille!