Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beans part II ...and some carrots

Update from the garden. The beans have flowers! Beautiful beautiful flowers! This year I planted purple and pink  beans, so exiting! 

And then the carrots. It took forever but they are ready to be pulled out. And after all this waiting what do you get? A carrot. I just can't get very exited about carrots. My kitchen garden is tiny and I can't believe that I used two whole rows of it for carrots. The carrots where suppose to be purple but mine are only a bit purplish. They do however taste better than the regular ones from the shop. 


Jessica Maas said...

mooi he! Vlinderbloemigen zijn altijd een lust voor je tuin

Anonymous said...

I need to pull up my carrots. My garden is big and it's soooooo much work. The other day I caught myself and wondered... "all this for tomatoes and carrots?" That's what I have harvested so far.