Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Piecing it together and why I love it

Once upon a time in 2009 I:
wanted to design my own fabric
- bought some scraps from Noeks for inspiration
- used the scraps to make a blanket to my daughter's doll
- bought magazine called Quilt Mania
- was blown away with all the beauty

I believe this is how I discovered and fell in love with patchwork and quilting. But I could be wrong since it is kind of hard to recall how this all started. Anyhow, I caught the quilting fever from somewhere about a year ago and have been hooked ever since. In 2010 I followed my first quilting course and in September I will start the next one.

Why do I love it?
The fabric, beautiful beautiful fabrics! I just love them and they give me so much energy. Then breaking them apart and combining back together. Sitting and cutting, measuring, thinking, making mistakes, starting over. Finally having all the pieces and being ready for sewing. Seeing the little pieces slowly but steadily becoming a whole new thing. 

I also love it that patchwork and quilting are such a great metaphors. In everything in life, being it loosing weight or starting a business, the advice always is to do it one step at a time. Rationally that is of course the only way to get anywhere, but really believing it and actually starting to take the first steps is much harder. Working with a piece of patchwork is just a wonderful non-abstract proof that it really works. Piece by piece and stitch by stitch you will eventually get there and if you learn to enjoy the process you don't even mind that it might be slow. 

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Anonymous said...

For me it is key to remember to enjoy the process. Sometimes seeing the professional quilters whip out beautiful quilt after quilt makes me eager to go faster, do better, do more! But, if I can slow down and remember why I started, as you did here, it makes all the difference in my perspective. Thanks for sharing!