Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm Officially Vintage

In etsy you can call item vintage if it is over 20 years old. So let me present you an original vintage fabric from 1990, my old curtains and a cushion cover remade to a baby quilt! I remember when I chose the fabric with my mother, I thought the black and white text fabric was so cool! And now it is all fashionable and trendy again, so I made a baby quilt of it to my nephew. I also had this idea that when he is older he probably thinks it is cool to have baby blanket made from my old vintage fabric, but then I realised that in years to come it is quite unlikely that he would think his aunts old cushion cover is cool :)

Isn't he cute!

It is funny though how the older kids at my daughters school use same kind of clothes that we used when I was about ten - neon colours and all. Now that the 80's and 90's vintage look is so in I'm thinking is this the time to make my childhood dream come true and dress like one of the Bangles in the Manic Monday video? When it came out I was only seven and too young for the look, but I did think that when I grow up I want to look just like her.


Completely unrelated to the above,  I got a lovely email from Cath who had been at the Festival of Quilts and had taken a photo of my quilt! I am so happy to have the photos! Really made my day.



The Muse of The Day said...

On the subject of vintage - I am waaaay over qualified ... I past 20 years ago! I saw in Selvedge magazine an advertisement for the show your quilt is in. I thought of you. How nice to get a picture of it so you know what it looks like when it is in the show.
Although I am not posting that doesn't mean I won't be checking in from time to time seeing what you are working on. Keep going! You have all the necessary ingredients to be really great. Make every free bit of time count.

Mari said...

I'm very glad to hear that you still will be visiting!