Thursday, August 2, 2012

Strawberry Crazy Love

My creation

I'm back from the summer holiday from my home of origin Finland. As I only spend two to three weeks in Finland during the summer, I never know what part of the short summer I get. This year we were very lucky to catch the peak of the strawberry-season. When we arrived one liter strawberries cost 5 euros and it dropped to 3 euros during our stay there. I have learned from blogs that in some warmer regions the strawberries belong to the spring, but in Finland it really is the taste of summer since they don't ripen before end of June, begin July.

The Finnish strawberries are grown outside in the sun and are sold fresh on the market or on little pop-up shops outside of supermarkets. You buy them fresh and in large quantities. They taste ten times sweater than the berries that are grown in greenhouses. Last year we spent the whole summer in the Netherlands and the thing I missed most were the strawberries.

What many people do is to buy a couple of carton boxes seen at the first photo and store the berries in their freezer. Since that is not an option for me I make jam. I love jam making! I use a special sugar for making jam that has pectin in it. I like to use that although my jams don't need to be as jelly-like as they prefer here in the Netherlands. I guess it is just what you are used to. The sad ending for my strawberry-story is that I forgot to pack the jam-pots with us, so there they at my parents house. I hope they enjoy them :)

We also bought souvenirs, a juicer and an apple peeler/slicer. I'm looking forward to making our own apple juice and cider. We are already making liqueur out of our own blackcurrants, very exiting! Our one and only shrub had a really good year this year.

Another exiting thing that I have not seen for years were the wild roses called midsummer roses. I love the ones in my garden with their big  flowers, but the simple beauty of these wild ones is amazing thing to witness as well. It was really hard to take good pictures of them, but I think you get the idea.

Midsummer Roses

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The Muse of The Day said...

I really, REALLY, want some strawberries. Those look delicious. I am sure that your parents will be transported to summer when they open your strawberry jam pots in the winter - your efforts won't be wasted. It is difficult to look at your photos and not want strawberries. Our season, here, was brief, but we ate plenty.
I think the wild roses are soooo beautiful - they are like gentle souls.


Glad you had a vacation. We all need them.