Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Strings Attached


I'm participating in Rachel's Festival of Strings with the above quilt. This little quilt was so much fun to make! I received a suprise package of little string-scraps from Ms Minnado, mostly Liberty of London, and I love Liberty of London. There is something about the little floral prints that I adore. I had some free time and started to play with them. We all know the little voices in our head that tells stupid negative things, right? Well this time had compeletly different voices along the way. I head MelissaP telling me to play and let the fabric talk, Rachel incouraging me that quilting is allowed to be also easy, quick and fun and also giving a nice deadline with her Festival of Strings.
The fabric for the back I got from Muriël during our Double Dutch meeting. It was her ugly fabric for a swap. I like it and I like it even more with the brown quilting. I made the binding by turning the back fabric edges to the front. That is actually how I thought that the binding is always done when I started quilting. I think I will use that method more often, it is less hassle to make and like it how the back is peeking on the front. 

The quilt is hanging above my sewing table. It has no other purpose than brighten up my day and it really does make me smile everytime I see it. Big thanks to Muriël and Minnado for the fabrics, I adore them! 


Muriël said...

Dat is echt mooi geworden! Leuk met de 'lelijke' stof achterop.

Laura C @ littleandlots said...

Oh, I didn't even have to read your description to spot the Liberty! So lovely. With Liberty I truly believe that simple patchwork is the best to show off the intricate prints.

(I'm happy to find your blog--I first started quilting when I lived in the Netherlands during my husband's postdoc at RU Groningen, and struggled to find community--tried the local quilt shop in Groningen, which was lovely, but my Dutch was so poor that I didn't do well. Adding you to my reader!)

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

A brighter day is definitely a worthy goal =) Glad you joined in!

Minnado said...

I am so very glad you made this. It is great to see the scraps being used instead of languishing in a drawer!

Carolina Ellis said...

WHAT GUTTS - so many beautiful fabrics to cut in to. It looks AWESOME, Mari. You are getting really good at this. Is it just me, or did this one get completed in no time? I was tickled to see you mention Melissa P. don't you just love her? She has got one incredible amount of energy. When I meet her in person, I am going to check her for batteries! Love your quilt. I think the red binding and back give it solidity. AND the front is to DIE FOR!!!!!

Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

How pretty this one is! I love flower prints, especially roses. You were smart to use the print on the back: it works beautifully!