Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sunny Baby Quilt

The quilt is sunny but the weather here is not! Dutch summers where cancelled few years ago and now it looks like that we  lost the spring as well...
This baby quilt is finished and sent to the tiny sweet little girl it was made for. What a journey! It all started with a simple sketch and this is what became of it. I knew that it is much harder than you would think to give a random feel to a quilt top made of little pieces, but the orange made it even harder being such dark colour. Especially in the pictures it really pops up from the rest. I'm not sure I like it and if I would do this again I think pink would have been maybe a better choice. Or more soft yellowish orange.

I tried to mixed it up a bit by leaving in an irregularity that first was a mistake, and that one I like. What it comes to the two orange rows next to each other I can't remember was that intended or did I not notice? I'm not too thrilled about it, but I paid attention to it only when I had already sandwiched the quilt, so I left it. It can very well be that at one point I thought it to be a brilliant idea. 


The gingham fabric is a table cloth. It is 100 percent cotton but very different from quilting weight cotton and even though I did prewash it, it still made the quilt extra wrinkly. I think that is OK though. The binding was again a total nightmare. I tried to rush through it which was of course a mistake. Next time I really should see it as a mindfulness exercise and slowly work through it with help of some instructions videos or something.


My favourite part of the quilt is the quilting. I really like how it looks and adds texture to the quilt. It was also fast and easy to make. 

All troubles aside it felt very special to make this quilt to a baby whos mother I have known whole her life and most of mine. All the memories and thoughts of past present and future stitched into it. Quilting as it's best!


Minnado said...

It is lovely - such summy, happy colous :) x

Carolina Ellis said...

I think it is even better with the double orange ... And had it been pink it would have been nice, but not had the punch it does now. I think it looks like a perfect picnic quilt. That little girl, once she is running around with her dolls, will have picnics with em on her blanket and these will be the colors that will forever connect her to her childhood. I wish we could plan out our projects to always get this more "wonky" look - it gives me less stress when I see them. I like it, Mari, exactly the way it is.