Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Space

I'm of course talking about my sewing space. Because I'm lucky that way and actually have my own table in a small attic room that I share with my husband.

For some time I have been avoiding that space. As I share it with my husband, I was conveniently blaming him for it. Like he keeps the space so messy that I don't enjoy being there and that kind of stuff (very mature, I know). After visiting a friend who just had created the same for herself - her own space - and being really exited about it I realised how lucky I am to have that space and it is up to me to make something of it. Laura's post at little and lots was also very inspirational. Celebrate what you have!

I'm a complete coward and do not have before pictures. All I can say it was messy, unorganized and ugly.

The thing most bothering me was the desk being so unattractive. Now it is covered with Anna Maria Horner's laminate and I feel so much better! I want to cover the desk with it properly but that is a bigger project since the desk is attached to the wall. This works however surprisingly well.


I also put my little precious stash on display so I can see it and enjoy it. All the unfinished projects and fabrics that I rarely use went to the storage under the roof.
My reorganised sewing space

The most surprising realisation for reorganising my creative space was that I feel more peaceful if non-sewing related administrative stuff is easily accessible. Before I had all binders tuck away on the lowest shelve and if I needed them it became an instant mess because I had to go through a pile of unfinished projects that were piled on the same shelve. It is so much better now when I can just pick up a binder, do what needs to be done, put it back and continue with the fun stuff.


Minnado said...

The space looks lovely. I agree it is easier to get on with projects when the work area is organised! I sew in the dining room, sharing with mealtimes, homework, playtime etc and it is pretty awful!

Carolina Ellis said...

Yikes, Mari! I have been taking a massive break from the blogging world and I see that you have been busy, busy !!!

I loved getting a peak into your sewing space. We all would love to have a great work space; ideally I would like to have one with lots of windows. I only have one and it faces north. Having said that we are lucky to have any space to do that kind of work. And any amount of time to do it. With kids and a husband, it is a wonder that anything gets done besides chores and cooking. I think the BEST thing that you did for your space was take whatever it was that wasn't being used now, up to the attic. I think I need to get rid of those types of projects in my workspace too. I have a painting group meeting at my house this morning. After they are gone, I am going to carve out an hour to declutter. You have inspired me to do so!