Monday, November 4, 2013

From Gold to Gray

In October I spent a week in Finland visiting family. I can't remember the last time I have been there in October and I was so glad to enjoy the last faces of the autumn foliage. All the red had already fallen but the golden still stayed. Combined with the October afternoon sun it was magical. Between running after kids and spending time in shopping malls I sneak out to the forest one afternoon and tried to catch some of the magic with my not so great phone camera. The results are quite bad but after some tweaking I still want to share them. The sun was so bright but the pictures are so hazy. Finnish artist Anna Emilia has some great picture from about the same time on her blog.

On the other side of the world Ara Jane has made a beautiful blog post of October that looks like the fall here in the Netherlands. What a lovely month it is! After the cold spring I wasn't expecting it at all. I thought that we would go straight back to the grey after summer so this has been a really lovely suprise! Now if I only could be able to find the beauty in November...

When I was dragging my children to a walk in the forest my oldest asked me why I always want to go there. I told her that I'm actually a troll that went to live with humans when I was a baby. She didn't believe me. But if that had been the case I would have lived around the big stone seen in the last picture.



Eva said...

Yes, there were a couple of glorious autumn weeks here. Now it's all gray and rain here as well.

Minnado said...

It looks lovely there. Good days in Autumn are so very very good,I think. :) xx

Carolina Ellis said...

Soooooo beautiful, I love fall - everywhere, but especially in places where the leaves turn colors. Your children are lucky to get a response from you that is so full of imagination. I think you should try writing a little story about a wee little one that lives in the woods. Don't try to make it perfect before you begin, just start writing and let the story unfold. See if you can write it so that we feel like we are there.

LOTJE said...

Just now Reading your post, love what you told your girl! And the part about dragging, and then finalyy being in the beautiful forest! Today enjoying bits of the last yellow and orange!