Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Books that I can Smell


My favourite childrens books are written and illustrated by Swedish writer Elsa Beskow. The nature that she illustrates is the same I grew up with. I know exactly how everthing in her books feels and smells, even taste like. I also love the idea of all the plants being little persons winking and waving at me when I pass by them.


So much memories come up when I look through these. I can remember walking in the lake among the yellow water-lilies when I was a child. Pure magic. 


Green and red goosberries!

This is my favourite picture. I can feel the exitment of playing by the brook when the snow has finally smelted. Good times! 

I really wanted my children to love these books as much as I do and almost spoiled the whole thing by starting to read these to them too early. They live in a very different kind of environment than I did (no forrest!). That makes me sometimes sad even though I know it is just different and they will have their own memories. Yesterday however they both wanted to read one of Beskow's books as a bedtime story, what a relief! 


The beautiful bag in the picture is what I got in our Double Dutch swap. I asked something to carry my knitting projects in. Betty van Os made this amazing bag for me. I could have never made something like this myself, thank you Betty! Now I just have to fill it with some projects.

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Eva said...

beautiful illustrations! I think I'll have to get some of her books as well, for me to look at and later for our little girl to read. :-)

Minnado said...

What beautiful illustrations - I would like to look for an english language version for my little girls. As a girl I loved Cicely May Barker's flower fairy books - a similar kind of style of illustration. xx

Karen Sue said...

these look like great books! I just bought a book for my 24yr old's birthday next weekend, that is a sequel to some we read many, many years ago.
Wonderful bag, too. It's great when you instantly want to put your gift to use and don't have to where am I going to put this??

Mari said...

They do have these in english at Barker's books look lovely, thanks for the tip!

Mari said...

We had a secret swap with hints of what we wanted. I got what I asked for and more! I could have never made this bag myself.

The Muse of The Day said...

I saw this post, about Elsa Beskow, and I just HAD to comment, Mari, for she is one of my favorites! I have Ollie's Ski Trip, and also the one where he wants a new blue wool coat ... Not sure where in the house that one is now. When I see her work, it makes me want to illustrate children's books. I bought them even before I had kids. I always read them to my children at a christmas time so they associate it with that - I must add, here, they seem to be into "other" things. No worries. I always knew that the real person I bought those books for where ME!


PS. Love to be able to comment directly.

The Muse of The Day said...

I remember the name of the other book - Pelle's New Suit. Love that one. Thank you for bringing such fond memories to the forefront.


The Muse of The Day said...

OK, Mari, I have torn my house apart looking for that other book ... NOTHING. I have no idea where it could have been placed. I do know, for certain, that it was not given away like the other million or so books my children have had. Anyways, while I was digging around a thought popped into my head I want to share with you. I wondered if our adult lives are spent on a quest to regain what we felt in our youth. The more I looked for Pelle's New Suit, and peered into other children's books, the more I thought of this. To the point where I am convinced that this, your post and subsequent shakedown of my memories, is all meant to be - like a sign - telling me what I am supposed to be doing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful books and stories!

We made a school play based on the book Kukkaisjuhla when I was seven or eight - I played the nettle and got my hair sprayed green. I loved the hair but had to wait until I was eleven until my dad agreed I get my hair dyed green again; even that was a compromise and I only got green highlights in my bangs. Thinking back, maybe that was a good thing ;D