Thursday, December 22, 2011

Quilt for My Little Girl

Girly quilt
Every quilt has a story, right? The moment I discovered quilting  I knew I wanted to sew my daughter a quilt - a very girly one with lots of her favourite colour pink in it. For inspiration I got some quilt books by Kaffe Fassett from the library and we looked at them together. I made my own design using some ideas I got from Fassett's books. I was already a fan of Heather Bailey, so Nicey Jane by her was an easy choice. I also add some other fabrics from her.

I tried to work in a manner I thought was the wise thing to do - cut the pieces first and then make the blocks. Turns out that is not the way I like to work. I noticed half way cutting that I had made a mistake with the measurements. Frustrated I stopped and did not pick up the project until after months. This time I decided that I just want to have some blocks and started sewing, but after repeating the same block for the third time I could not take it any more, so boring. I was also not happy with the quality of the sewing. Funny how it shows when your not enjoying what you do.

Now what? I decided that I will not care about the mistakes, bad sewing or any of that. I'm just going to carry on no matter what. I changed the design as I went on, add a star and a small house and had fun!

When it was time to quilt I named the quilt "just do it" quilt. No ripping for the smallest mistakes, I was just going to have fun. It was my first time machine quilting after finally purchasing a walking foot (highly recommended!). The stitches are not perfect all around and I did need to do some ripping here and there but all in all the quilting was fast and fun. The binding is wider on the back. The sew line of the binding completes the quilted squares on the edges, so therefore I decided to machine sew the binding.

It took me a whole year but the quilt is now finally finished and  I love it! My daughter still loves pink and is very happy with the quilt (I was a bit worried she might change her favourite colour before I finish the quilt:). It is not a technical master piece, but it is made with love to honour everything that is girly and pink!

Girly quilt back