Thursday, February 20, 2014


To decide what not to do. There are so many things I would love to do and be able to do and last year I feel I was jumping to do this and that resulting not getting that much done. So it is time to let go of something and for me it is garment sewing.

My secret plan last year was to make a me made wardrobe and take part in me made may. I spent hours and hours sewing a fancy dress for a wedding starting with a muslin version first and doing everything the best I knew how. And it did not fit! I pulled it out of the closet just to get a picture for you, but did not bother to iron.

It is not possilbe to talk about garment sewing without mentioning your breast size, is it? Well my issue is that I'm kind of busty and not very long. L is too long and too wide on the shoulders, M is tight on the bust. Buying fancy dresses is a challenge so it would have been so cool to be able to make my own. Turns out that being busty means that patterns will not fit you either and adjustments are a big hassle. I'm not enjoying the process. I just want the damn dress.

I also tried a skirt. Hours and hours of hand sewing...and I don't like the fit. It was from the Alabama Chanin book and I blogged about the making of it here in 2012. After three pregnancies I'm over sensitive about looking pregnant, but still I think the cut accentuate the tummy area in a unflattering way. Of course I noticed that only when I was already done. Also I lost some weight and in the end it was too big. Frustrating. (not the loosing last off baby fat, but spending hours on sewing something that does not fit). Here a small blurry photo of it taken by phone by my then 4 year old. I know, the tummy looks OK here, but there are some other pictures...
Even though I'm throwing in the towel I do enjoy looking at other people's creations and process. I found it fascinating how little changes alter the whole look and how something fits. I love the whole process of creating your own look. But for now I will admire from distance and  put my own creative energies elsewhere. 

After I had wrote the first draft of this post I read Jennifer Louden's blog post about finding your creative medium. Interesting read for sure!