Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Space

I'm of course talking about my sewing space. Because I'm lucky that way and actually have my own table in a small attic room that I share with my husband.

For some time I have been avoiding that space. As I share it with my husband, I was conveniently blaming him for it. Like he keeps the space so messy that I don't enjoy being there and that kind of stuff (very mature, I know). After visiting a friend who just had created the same for herself - her own space - and being really exited about it I realised how lucky I am to have that space and it is up to me to make something of it. Laura's post at little and lots was also very inspirational. Celebrate what you have!

I'm a complete coward and do not have before pictures. All I can say it was messy, unorganized and ugly.

The thing most bothering me was the desk being so unattractive. Now it is covered with Anna Maria Horner's laminate and I feel so much better! I want to cover the desk with it properly but that is a bigger project since the desk is attached to the wall. This works however surprisingly well.


I also put my little precious stash on display so I can see it and enjoy it. All the unfinished projects and fabrics that I rarely use went to the storage under the roof.
My reorganised sewing space

The most surprising realisation for reorganising my creative space was that I feel more peaceful if non-sewing related administrative stuff is easily accessible. Before I had all binders tuck away on the lowest shelve and if I needed them it became an instant mess because I had to go through a pile of unfinished projects that were piled on the same shelve. It is so much better now when I can just pick up a binder, do what needs to be done, put it back and continue with the fun stuff.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Heels and Waves

I had such a grand knitting plans for the summer holidays. I brought with my knitting back planning to finish the second sock for my husband and after that start a new one for myself and maybe finish the whole pair. And then I got to the first heel and argh, frustration! It really should not be that difficult but either the description I'm following has a fault in it (I doubt that) or I just don't get it. I did managed to make a heel to the first sock but it did not go smoothly. I should try to find another explanation and see if it makes more sense to me.

As I tend to knit or read I managed to read quite a lot. I read Alex Munthe's The Story of San Michele and enjoyed it. I also read Dancing Backwards by Salley Vickers and it was nice but maybe a bit too light. Maybe everything feels light after reading only classics. What I was suppose to read was Waves by Virginia Woolf, but I just can not get through it. I read somewhere that you should read it like poetry. That would explain it since I have never really learned how to read poems. I guess I don't have the patience for it. Maybe one day I will get there. Tackle the heels and the waves.

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