Friday, September 14, 2012

Getting Ready for the Cozy Season


Bright colours, dark evenings, knitting, drinking tea under a self made quilt. Autumn is here and I love it. On the top right corner is a collection of fabrics that I'm using to make a quilt for me. I already have started cutting and sewing and I'm a bit nervous about the whole project to tell the truth. One of the fabrics I use is missing from the picture but you can tell already that the colours don't match. One minute I'm convinced that it still works and then I'm second guessing again. I want to keep this quilt on our sofa, so I will be looking at it every day. Well, I will just keep calm and carry on and trust that I will love it in the end.

I also started knitting. First I got frustrated for not having the right kind of needles and yarn and then finally decided to get started with something super easy I could do now without having to hunt for new supplies. It will be a scarf for my almost 4-year old.

I have also been reading and finally added a new page to my blog with book recommendations. Always fun to see what people are reading, isn't it? I'm getting all commercial here and use affiliate links to Amazon, but I do love my Kindle... It was the easiest way to make it work so why not. Not really expecting to make any money out of it. And what about you, what are you reading? I would love to know!