Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Quilt in Green

It is finally summer in Holland and what better way to spend it than sit inside and write a first blog post in a long time... It has been a very cold spring and early summer here. The funny thing is that I have not been complaining about it this year. Am I becoming Dutch? They never complain about the weather  - they just cycle through rain and wind with the smile on their face! In my country of origin Finland we have our share of bad weather but unlike the dutch we deal with it by complaining, getting all melancholic and feeling sorry for ourselfs!

At the beginning of this year it was time to make a big boy quilt to my youngest son. It took a long time to figure out what he likes so I patiently waited until I got it. He loves green! So I bought a big pile of green fabrics, made a plan and started working. Being me I of course changed the plan couple of times along the way. But I have now accepted that it is how my brain works. I just can not follow instructions, not even if I have writen them myself.

Phone pictures...Best I could do for now

After I had pieced the quilt I had a very rare opportunity to spend a whole day home alone! I decided to use the day for free motion quilting this quilt. I have very little experience FMQ and in reality I should stick to practicing on practice pieces - but that is just too boring! With great enthousiam I started in the morning setting everything up only to realise that I had forgot to buy thread. I only had thread in variating shades of blue and yellow to densely quilt my green and yellow quilt. Finally I decided to just use it even though it really would show my beginners quilting.


It was a interesting test. You kind of create a new layer on the fabric and with better skills in FMQ it could really transform a quilt. In my case the result was - like my daughter put it - a bit too sewn on. To finish the quilt later I got my self some green and yellow thread and that worked much better. All in  all I think is a fun quilt and looks nice on my boys bed. It wouldn't win any awards but it serves its purpose and I learned a lot.