Friday, March 30, 2012

Pink Invasion


My little girl turned five yesterday and our home is covered with colour pink. She loves loves loves pink so that is what she gets. When I was little I was passionate about yellow and I can see that she feels the same way about pink.

As a child I was really sensitive to pick up the message that girly is stupid. Sewing girly fabrics in general and decorating for my daughters birthday in particular is clearly filling some girlishness deficit in me. I might have even gone little bit over the top with the birthday cake but I really enjoyed making it. Making the marzipan roses was like playing with play dough. They are all a bit different as are the leaves and yellow flowers as well, but isn't that how nature works. I just seem to have a great dislike for anything too repetitive.

I believe there are quite a few women out there who love it that after a day in office they can change the gray power suite to something more comfortable and start stitching Jennifer Paganelli. Isn't it great that we can have it all!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

XO Kaffet Fassett Table Runner

Tabler runner
I finished the table runner last Wednesday. For a moment I considered making it double sided, but that seemed like too much trouble.
Free motion quilting

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to practice free motion quilting. I decided to make curvy lines and I was very suprised how smoothly everything went. Not perfect, but pretty good for the first timer and I'm so glad that my machine can handle it so well! Sewing the binding was as frustrating as always. I was thinking the next time instead trying to rush through it I should make it a mindfulness practice.

Blue rocks :)
My three -year-old found this rock outside our house and wanted to paint it blue. I love it and see how it matches the table runner!
Drawing stones
Since I decided to get serious about my drawing practice I have tried to figure out clever practices to make it part of my day. Having my sketchbook and pen on the bar that separates the kitchen from the living room has worked quite well. In general I want the bar to be neat and tidy to have at least one place at home that is not cluttered, but I make an exception for the sketchbook.