Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 2013

When I first started to think how 2012 has been nothing special came to my mind, only a big stack of unfinished projects. It felt like nothing worth mentioning had happened the whole year. After few days I luckily started to see everything more clearly. 

Going backwards the last six months or so has been a bit of a blur. As the baby got mobile and started to wake up during the nights it has been kind of hard. The whole house is a mess all the time and I'm constantly having too little sleep. Sometimes during the last six months it felt like everything is falling apart even though in reality it was only the laundry basket. This being my third time I knew what was coming and I know it is just a phase, but I still didn't manage it very well. Many people find the baby year the hardest but for me it is the age between 10 to 18 months. Nature is very wise though, at this very age they are also so damn cute! 

For two years now I have chosen a word of the year. For 2011 it was trust and for 2012 joy. At the beginning of the year I thought that I still was not done with trust and maybe not quite ready for joy, but it turn out to be exactly the right word for 2012. Noticing and feeling the little sparkles of joy scattered around the everyday mess.

* I started to read novels again
* I participated in a quilt show
* It was the last year for us having a baby in the house and the last time I ever be nurturing one
* I finished 4 quilts and one quilt top
* started some other projects that I love but are not quite finished yet and failed miserably with most of my knitting projects 

My word for 2013 is confidence. I'm hope the year will be filled with creating, making, sharing and connecting. 

Happy New Year!