Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Making of Baby Blanket II

I was inspired by the beauty of the spring season and wanted to catch some of that on fabric.
I used contact paper to make some stencils.
Getting ready for printing at my little "home studio" at our dining table.
Test prints on a piece of muslin
Work in progress on a white organic jersey
I hand quilted the blanket along the lines that you can already see on the previous picture if you look closely. The lines where drawn with a HB graphite pencil. I assembled the quilt  in such a way that no binding was needed.
I finished the quilt the night before my baby was born.
Here it is wrapped around my little boy this afternoon


Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

And you'll always remember that THIS is what you did the night before he was born. Priceless.

Minnado said...

What a gorgeous quilt. I like quilts with a white or cream background and just little bits of colour. And your baby is very handsome! Thank you for your comment you left on my blog. I have come over to have a look and really like your blog! Have a good weekend.